28 May

To summarize….

The last 2 weeks have seen me workign on my research essay, with my question being..

The use of Facebook in the recent KONY 2012 campaign, with a focus on the acceleration of opinion in either accepting or rejecting the campaign’s aims of making Joseph Kony ‘famous’

Some of the questions I will be asking include:

– How did Facebook contribute to people’s opinions on the video? Why was this the case?

– How did functions such as ‘Like’ and comments allow for the particular division in the KONY 2012 campaign that ensued soon after its release? 

– Why was the message accepted so easily by some but rejected by others, specifically looking at how Facebook influenced this?

– How did the medium of the video interrelate on the Facebook platform?

– How did people’s individual Facebook persona contribute their interaction with the video?

– How did Facebook contribute to the viral nature of the video?

The course has been a joy, and i intend to insorporate aspects of the course into my reasearch essay. Many of the media issues discussed have had a direct correlation to events occuring today, as well as looking towards the future and how media will be a prat of it, including thinking about possibilites.



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